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Our self-paced Financial Tutorials program offers meticulously designed courses covering a wide range of finance topics. Each course features comprehensive study materials, multiple-choice questions, student analytics, and online assignments for an immersive learning experience. Upon completion, learners receive a certified completion certificate. For faculty seeking customization, contact us at Explore our course offerings at Experience limitless learning with

Course TitleStart DateCourse DurationCourse Fees (₹)Class CodeEnter Course
NISM VA Preparatory Module: AMC SponsoredFeb 2, 20241 month0
NISM VA Preparatory ModuleFeb 2, 20241 month1000WC8771
NISM 15 Equity ResearchMay 3, 20241 month0

Above programs and other customized programs on capital markets and finance with online faculty support has been priced depending on the batch size and number of hours of engagement.

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